Smart solutions for
The Internet of Things Ecosystem


DOTMobile goes beyond and expands the classic geographic location service for connected vehicles: where is important, but so are what, why, how, when, and all the other questions that need answers for truly efficient management of your business activities.

Our work was born from the idea of filling this gap in the industry, creating additional tools to maximize the potential of your business. It is the added values that make DOTMobile the ally of every Fleet Manager and small entrepreneur, because they put in their hands the ability to account for, plan, protect and grow their operations.

We have over 15 years of experience in an industry that is still relatively new, and from the very beginning we have valued a global, innovative and truly solution-oriented vision for the issues related to fragmented and decentralized telematic management.

The most comprehensive suite of telematic services

We call what we do the Ecosystem Of Things: an enhanced vision of IoT, which puts the fluid nature of the digital world at the center.

Seamless Interconnection

We create interconnected services with the goal of providing a range of smart solutions that centralize the activities of Fleet Managers for large fleets as well as those of small entrepreneurs, providing auxiliary analysis tools for efficiency and safety, remote control, and reduced consumption.

Tools for Growth

We asked ourselves how to increase safety, simplify control, and boost profitability for companies entering an increasingly digitized world. And we were the first to provide truly efficient solutions for any context and any number of machines, without any limits.

Support in Evolution

We consider ourselves innovators and integrators, because with our expertise in digital development we have created a dynamic and open system: we connect electronic products from our catalog or third parties, eliminate compatibility barriers with multi-protocol management, and provide assistance and training to make the customer totally independent.

Tailored Services

Numbers have never scared us: our service is completely scalable and designed to maintain maximum performance on a few machines as well as on fleets with thousands of elements to monitor simultaneously. We offer plans with targeted and specific activities divided by sector or tailored to the particular needs of each individual customer.

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