Service Systems with Industry Specializations


Services dedicated to optimizing the management of large mixed fleets, such as car parks and rentals.

Monitoring, Management, Control, and Efficiency of Corporate Fleets. DOTMobile services for the automotive sector improve safety and increase productivity of both assets and staff.


Features dedicated to construction equipment, lifters, and trolleys.da cantiere, sollevatori e carrelli.

Work analysis, predictive maintenance, support for rental activity scheduling. DOTMobile services for the construction sector and lifting equipment offer complete coverage from contract management to site closure.


Specific services for the primary sector and reporting for subcontractors.

Field activity management, monitoring facilitation, and organization. DOTMobile services for the primary sector and agricultural vehicles are also applicable to special equipment and accessories: trailers, irrigation units, pumps, and many others.


Specific services dedicated to rental companies, charterers, and clubs.

GPS tracking and telematics for jet skis, inflatables, and boats. DOTMobile's safety, localization, and management features adapted to watercraft, both above and below the surface.


Specific services for Work and Municipal Multiutilities.

Efficiency of public services: safety, localization, and planning. A system of DOTMobile features that evolves the service offered by municipalities and responsible entities in terms of both efficiency and the quality perceived by the end user.

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