Business intelligence e reporting

The integrated Business Intelligence and Reporting infrastructure, turning all the raw data collected into meaningful and easily readable information, enables corporate management to better understand performances, identify trends, identify opportunities, and make strategic decisions.

Business Intelligence e Reporting

DOTMobile integrates a cutting-edge data representation and analysis infrastructure. A dynamic, fast, and extremely easy-to-use Business Intelligence takes care of transforming raw data into true graphical and tabular indicators that are immediately readable, representing key values of the activities carried out in the company. The Reporting engine, a key component of Business Intelligence, represents the process of creating and distributing reports or documents. informative that summarize collected data in a clear and concise manner. Reporting can take various forms, such as tables, graphs, dashboards or presentations, and is used to communicate the most relevant information to different stakeholders within the organization.

Key Features

• Ergonomic Data Analysis
An intuitive interface allows easy navigation and analysis of collected data, simplifying the process of understanding trends and key metrics.

• Comprehensive Performance Overview
Provides a holistic view of fleet performance, helping to identify areas for improvement and optimization opportunities.

• Advanced Reporting Infrastructure
Enables the extraction and printing of detailed data, facilitating the creation of comprehensive and customized reports for different business needs.

User Benefits

• Informed Decisions
Supports the decision-making process with reliable data, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business strategies.

• Continuous Improvement
Contributes to a better understanding of operations, promoting operational efficiency and resource optimization.

• Versatility and Customization
Adaptable to different business needs, the module allows to customize reports for better data analysis and presentation.

The "DOTMobile BI" module represents a crucial tool for companies aiming for an advanced and data-driven management of their fleet, ensuring a more profitable direct impact on productivity and business profitability.

This function allows the collection of all data related to licenses and operator certifications, generating an automatic calendar and thereby ensuring precise supervision over the regularity of the operation of company vehicles.

Location, Tracking, and Security

Interconnected services for maximum control over company fleets

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