Excise Duty Recovery

The new feature of the DOTMobile infrastructure for the Automation of Excise Duty Recovery is designed for companies that use work machines and, according to legal provisions, can directly request from the Customs and Monopolies Agency the recovery of part of the costs.

Excise Duty Recovery


The Unified Excise Duty Text allows the recovery of €0.43 for every liter of diesel consumed for generating motive power. Companies that use operating machines for earthmoving, drilling, lifting, and generating electricity, can request a refund from the Customs and Monopolies Agency. The approved refund is immediately compensable.


With DOTMobile, everything is very simple. We provide all the necessary infrastructure for Fleet Management:

• DOTMobile Telematics Unit for interconnection
• Tax Tachometer/Counter, installed and certified
• Complete DOTMobile Suite
• API for integration with third-party excise management software

Then you decide how to manage the Excise Duty Recovery.

The counter(*) records the working hours of the vehicle and the engine revolutions. Recorded data are automatically sent to the DOTMobile cloud or can be displayed directly on the display. It can be installed on any type of vehicle or machine without affecting its operation or warranty and without interfering with the onboard electronics.

(*) is a Mitech System product.

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