Analysis, Monitoring, and Maintenance

Servizi di manutenzione

The maintenance analysis and monitoring system allows for the recording and planning of interventions, classifying them by category and type, linking them to factors of time, distance, and actual hours of use.

Data continuously collected from machines allow for the sending of notices and possible alerts on interventions not carried out and already expired.

A comprehensive service aimed at avoiding damages, breakdowns, and extraordinary maintenance of vehicles as much as possible.

Detection of Interventions

This function allows for the precise recording of all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions carried out on each vehicle, reclassifying them by category and detecting data related to the supplier and the individual analytical cost items.


Upon recording each intervention, it is possible to schedule its future expiration based on elapsed time, distance, or actual hours of work. Users can set expiration alerts to be sent to maintenance staff and operators. The DOTMobile maintenance program is responsible for notifying pre-alerts...

Technical Inspections and Non-Compliance

The module allows for the insertion of checklists to be marked in case of inspection, with the possibility of highlighting non-compliance or faults.

Inspections via Smartphone and QRCode

It is possible to print and place QRCode on the vehicles to allow operators to fill out checklists via smartphone.

Analysis, Monitoring, and Maintenance

Data collection service dedicated to the maintenance of vehicles for corporate fleets. The combination of DOTMobile services provides data collection, analysis, and monitoring for the management of maintenance for corporate fleet vehicles.

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